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Banquet SuitesA banquet hall for your Conferences, Banquet Suites, get-togethers, Brand Launches, Cocktail, Dinner etc., capacity of 250 to 350 guests.

Servings unrestrained by gastronomies: Throw a royal banquet without having to worry about space and style. The majestic settings of Flurries, with its brilliant chandeliers and sleek velvets, make for a feast of gastronomical proportions. Mixed with excellent service, it is the opportune place to exchange those business cards for a gratifying meal.

Appetite uncompromised by craving: Butter, Tandoor, Roti, The richness of Punjabi cuisine can make even the most discerning of palates turn liberal. spare a moment to savour this gastronomical treat at Flurries. Not for the faint of heart,this mouth-watering assortment of dhaba food is sure to make your stomach feel a bit more spacious

Experience unequalled by alternative: Your comfort and convenience have always been our prime concern at Hotel Vihang’s Inn. This is why we bestow you with the perfect blend of an amicable ambience and the best that technology and design have to offer. So that you can make a statement void of many words. sometimes. even a word. A creative merger of hospitality and aristocracy. It’s an ideal setting to turn business into a pleasurable experience. of course, in a Supreme Style!